Art director, graphic designer, animator, filmmaker, visual artist and sound artist.


Art director, graphic designer, animator, ux-designer, filmmaker and sound artist. 

Guided by a longing for knowledge and to always learn I’ve traversed many fields, from the days of web development in the early aughts via film making with DSLRs to political communications (until the politics turned insane).

This wide spectrum of experience is without a doubt my greatest strength. I know I have the knowledge and skillset to control a process from start to finish, be it a graphic profile, a book or the design for a website.

Alongside my work as a communicator I have a practise as a sound artist and musician. If you want to know more about my artistic practise visit

Work history

Timbro – Creative director

Chilla Gorilla – Founder

PS Communication – Interactive director

Klirr Stockholm – Interactive art director


Konstfack – Art

Stockholms University – Politcal science

Forsbergs School – Graphic design

Linné University – Media production

Akward list of stuff I do

Art direction, animation (after effects, 3d), design (from concept to final art), audio processing  and editing (ableton, audition, podcasts, music etc), illustrations (illustrator et al), book cover design, book setting (typography and layout), video editing (premiere), compositing, ux-design (adobe xd), live-video, photography (stills and video), experimental programming for audio and video (max/msp, touchdesigner, arduino-sensors etc)