Demography is destiny

Every year Timbro hosts a  conference to dive into specific problems and their solutions. This year we went to Budapest to shine a light on demography and the big impact it has on politics, the welfare state and business.

I took my starting point creatively from the destination itself. Hungary has a proud history of poster design (and used to be famous for the best printers in Europe). With the town’s (and country’s) history of being in the east block it’s not hard to find your way to the old Russian propaganda poster-aesthetic.

This theme went through-out the entire conference, from name badges, programs and presentations to menu cards at the restaurant. And to top it all off I created a bunch of BIG posters, hanged throughout the conference hall, with interesting facts connected to the theme of the conference.

Promo film for Demography is Destiny

For the launch of the conference theme I wrote and edited a promotional film, highlighting the theme and some of our keynote speakers. 

My main goal was to convey a sense of urgency (and maybe a little bit of dread) and get the potential participants to realise that they HAD to come to Budapest.