Chilla Gorilla | Domestic Violence
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Domestic Violence

Granath Havas and The Police Museum commissioned Chilla Gorilla to do two films to raise awareness of domestic violence. Anders Meisner wrote the script together with lead actress Sara Estling and project manager Michaela Engvall.

For the first film we had the idea to play with the surrounding lights, to narrow it down until there was only a sliver left.

The second film was aimed at teens with mental disabilities so we had to make it a bit less subtle and actually tell a story with two actors. This film was followed up with a group discussion led by an educator to get the teens views and feelings.

With a shoestring budget (and actually a small fire during the filming of the first film) we think we made two films that actually reached their goalsand made a difference.

Written, shot, edited and directed by Anders Meisner

Sound by Ivan Nikcevic/Swartling Productions


September 23, 2016