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The Restoration

Filmed, edited and directed by Anders Meisner

Written by Lydia Wålsten and Anders Meisner


Written by Lydia Wålsten and me

Narrated by me


A work in progress together with Alex Pacheco and Per Han. Will publish more when Alex has done some more on the editing side, but right now I just wanted to share a still from our recording session last night. Thanks to Mediemerah for the loan of the sweet Sony A7S2.

SJ Lucia 2016

My friends over at Mediemerah got the assignment to do a film for the SJ, the state owned railway company. And they wanted me to do the editing, grading and a short but complex fx-shot.

It was quite a challenge, the material where filmed guerilla style, with no chance for second takes. And on top of that, in a railway car! With a very short deadline me and the producer had to work very tightly together. And we pulled it off, with a couple of hours to spare.

The footage was filmed on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. I edited in Premiere and did the grading and fx in After Effects (with the help of Magic Bullet Colorista IV).