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Get noticed – then get loved!

Chilla Gorilla is a story-telling based creative workshop. With our background in communication we understand the client’s as well as the viewer’s needs – and how to fulfill them.

We believe that all good communication follows the same rules, no matter what the actual medium is – mesmerizing films, thought provoking podcasts, vivid illustrations or great designs.

These rules are the corner stones of our method. We think that this method is key to make the best communication possible for your brand.

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Below is a part of the Chilla Gorilla portfolio. There is so much more work, so if you want to see us create something in another style for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Chilla Gorilla Showreel

In 3d, Advertising, Film, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Photography, Stop Motion, Storytelling, Writing

In Advertising, Motion Graphics, Storytelling

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Our services

Chilla Gorilla offers you a complete package, from initial story all the way to delivery and follow up. Or you can choose to let Chilla Gorilla deliver one part of your project.

Below you’ll see our main services, from design and story – to strategy and execution. Your message will be in good hands.


All of our work has it’s roots in design. What ever the end-production it starts with a design that conveys a story.


Chilla Gorilla offers direction of films, animated, live action or stop motion, as well as photo shoots, voice recordings and traffic jams.


Every message, short or long, needs a story. We love stories. And we can help you develop, write and produce these stories, no matter the format.


We firmly believe that before you spend your hard-earned budget, you really need to know the what’s and why’s. And if you feel that you need help with this, we’d love you help you.


We love animation – one of the most versatile art forms for most stories – and we love to breathe a little life into the designs.


We do photography for film, from a small-budget hand-held production, to live-streams and large-scale productions.


It’s in the post-production we make sure that story really comes to life. From editing, sound-fx, compositing and finalizing.


Chilla Gorilla offers illustrations for every kind of production, from animations and infographics to product designs, textiles and interior design.

Our method

This method has been evolving for more than 15 years. It started off as a reaction against what can be described as mass-communication. We had the notion that when everyone is screaming at you, the one you listen to is the one whispering in your ear.  Many years have gone by since then, and today we feel that this insight has made it’s way into the board rooms too.

All good methods are easily described. And we put ours like this:

To make sure that your content reaches your targeted audience we have identified one particular keyword. This keyword is:


Relevance is the way to ensure that your message has the best chance of reaching your audience.

The word relevance can be broken down to three I’s – Introducing, Informative and Inspiring.

What you are telling your audience has to be news, or at least something that’s new to them.
Your content needs to have information that is of gain somehow to the specific target audience.
Your audience needs to feel, not just think. Emotion is a vital part of any communication, and more so when it comes to films.

And to make sure that you really dot the i’s we have created our four golden rules for content. These are here to not only get your audience’s attention – but actually reach their hearts and minds. They are presented here in their shortest form. If you want to learn more, contact us for a presentation.



A good story is the key to get the receiver to remember your message, to be inspired and to yearn for more of your brand .

Remember that all dramaturgy is informative – even if the information is whether Ross will get Rachel.

Because today all media is earned media. That's why your content much be held to high standards. Even if it's a ”simple” explainer-video.



So you've developed some finger-licking-good content? But for some reason hidden it away way down on a off
branch website.

Your content must be where the viewer is. And it must be there when the viewer is most likely susceptible to it.



For the content to fill your expectations it has to be part of a long-term plan. Don't waste your hard earned budget for one production.

Make content that the view wants to come back for – and then deal it out in portions. Kind of like dating, isn't it?



In today's media landscape where your content is easily distributed, commented and scrutinized you have to be honest with your intentions, inviting the audience to participate in a discussion and be open to criticism.

If you know that you and your brand can stand firmly behind the message, it isn't that hard to take that discussion. And it makes you look stronger.

What They Said

Throughout the years I’ve had the oppurtunity to work with so many talented and nice people, both as collaborators and as clients. Here are a few of their opinions about Chilla Gorilla.

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